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What is the Gold and Silver Savings Program?
What separates OwnX from other precious metals dealers is that you can automatically schedule physical silver and gold purchases directly from your bank account on a regular basis.  Each month you can save in physical silver and/or gold on a customized schedule that fits your specific needs.  By "dollar-cost-averaging", you'll be maximizing the number of physical ounces you own.  You can choose from a range of automated schedules:  Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, the 1st and 15th of every month, or on a customized schedule.

This is one of the absolute best programs in the industry.  I am personally a long-term satisfied customer and this is where I refer my own family and friends.

You can store your metals or take delivery anytime you like.  You can even cash out if your prefer. 

Saving in physical precious metals has never been easier or more secure!
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Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Do I Have Direct Ownership of my Gold and Silver?
Yes, you own the physical metal.  This is different from ETFs, most "funds" or even mining stocks.
2.  Can I Save Automatically Each Month?
A powerful feature of your OwnX account is your ability to schedule automatic recurring metals purchases.  Maintaining a disciplined program for accumulating history's most proven store of value has never been simpler.
3.  Can I Take Delivery of My Gold and Silver?
Yes, you can easily take delivery with a few simple clicks of your mouse.  You can choose from the most popular coins, bars and even have the ability to cash out.  
4.  Can I Get Precious Metals for an IRA?
You can own physical gold and silver as part of a diversified retirement account through an OwnX self-directed IRA.  With your OwnX IRA, you will obtain direct ownership of physical gold and silver...not shares of an ETF or mutual fund.
5.  Can I Cash Out Anytime?
OwnX members are free to sell back their holdings at any time and the funds will immediately arrive into your OwnX cash account or to your linked bank account in 1-3 business days.
Become a Precious Metals Affiliate w/ the OwnX Rewards Program
When you are part of something unique....
From the day we launched this platform, OwnX clients wanted an easy way to share what they were finding so valuable with their friends and family.  That's how OwnX Rewards was born.
It's Pretty Straightforward.

1.  When you create your account, you'll receive a unique code that you can simply share with others when you tell them about OwnX.

2.  When they create their account, they enter your code.

3.  For simply referring others, you are rewarded with up to 25% of their premium over the OwnX base price or Live Price.

4.  As something unique, rather than a cash payment, we credit your account with physical gold or silver! rathe than
This isn't a Multi-Level Marketing plan.  You receive rewards only for those whom you refer directly the OwnX story with.  You must also be making scheduled purchases each month in order to claim your rewards.

We just feel that if you're using our platform, you'll share your experience with others.  This is one way we can say, "Thanks!"
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